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What To Do If You Lose Your Car Keys

Before keyless entry systems were common on many cars, getting lost your car keys wasn’t a huge issue. Was it inconvenient? Yes, but chances are you had a spare or could easily get a new one made for cheap. However, locking systems have become so advanced and keys along with them, which can make the process of getting a new one quite costly and time-consuming.

The easiest way to save yourself a few hundred dollars is to take action before your keys are even lost are stolen in the first place. …

Our Customer’s Reviews

  • Locksmith service that is fast and efficient. They responded to my call immediately and helped me to get back in the car within the minutes. Highly recommended!

  • Technician was very knowledgeable and provided great customer service. He changed my locks after hours since this was the only available time for me. Thank you, Brant Lock&Key team for great service.

  • I love the fact that their cars are fully equipped and they do everything on spot right in front of you. Pricing was fair, and I would definitely recommend them.

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